Express Zip File Compression Software 10.09
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Express Zip File Compression Software 10.09

Zipping, Unzipping and File Compression Software. Create and manage zip files
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An archive file is a collection of different folders and files that are packaged together so that they can be easily moved from one computer to another. Furthermore, most archive files are compressed in order to save disk space or network bandwidth. A compressed archive must be decompressed before the files inside can be used. By far the most popular archive type is the “zip” archive.

Express Zip is a well-known tool that creates ZIP files or extracts the files stored in such archives. This program is very helpful in creating zip files from your documents and multimedia files, which makes it easy to share them or save disk space.

The interface is easy to use and the zipping process is efficient and fast. Drag your files to the main window of the program and that’s it. The program automatically compresses them, creating a zip file named ‘’ by default.

Express Zip is also an excellent archive manager. It allows you to remove files and folders directly from the archive file. You can also move or rename folders. Express Zip can use several different levels of compression when creating a zip file. You can select the compression level by selecting the Tools -> Compression Level menu option. Compression Level is a trade-off between speed and size, so the Fastest level will create the largest zip file while the Smallest level will take the longest to compress. The Compression Level of a file cannot be changed once it has been added to the archive. However, different files can have different compression levels within a single zip file. more

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